About Us

I've always, always, always loved getting mail. (Well, not bills, but you know what I mean.) I have a mother and aunt who have never let a birthday or special event slip by without a card. Bohtieque began when my lovely sister couldn't find any cute address labels and told me I needed to start my own shop so that she could buy some labels from me. Since I already did identity design (and advised an amazing high school yearbook staff), I put my design skills to good use and opened my shop in 2008. Now, Bohtieque is the source of beautiful, artistic and inspirational labels and stickers for snail mailers, party-throwers, classroom parents and other generally sweet, thoughtful people. I design and proof each order, and I strives for quality and great customer service. Because I know how important high quality is to my clients, I work with a professional printing partner to finish and ship each order with the highest standards.