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25 Writing Events You Should Add to Your Planner for 2022


Believe it or not, stationery and letter-writing people have a wealth of days to celebrate their paper and pen (or typewriter and fountain pen) obsession. Open up your planner of choice and start plotting out the days you can join the celebrations!

January 13 National Sticker Day #stickerday
January 23 National Handwriting Day #handwritingday
February Month of Letters #lettermo
February International Correspondence Writing Month #InCoWriMo
February 7 National Send a Card to a Friend Day #sendacardtoafriend
February 26 Letter to an Elder Day
April National Card and Letter Writing Month
April 20-April 25 National Stationery Week #StationeryWeek
April 20 World Stationery Day #StationeryDay
May 1-7 National Postcard Week
June 1 Pen Pal Day
June 23 National Typewriter Day #TypewriterDay
July 1-July 7 Write a Letter Appreciation Week #WriteaLetterAppreciationWeek
August 11 World Calligraphy Day #CalligraphyDay
September 1 World Letter Writing Day #LetterWritingDay
September 24 Love Note Day #LoveNoteDay
October 1 World Postcard Day
October 1 Word Card Making Day #CardMakingDay
October 2-8 International Postcard Week #PostcardWeek
October 9 World Post Day #PostDay
November 13 World Kindness Day #KindnessDay
November 15 I Love to Write Day #ILovetoWriteDay
December 7 National Letterwriting Day
December 9 Christmas Card Day #ChristmasCardDay
December 26 National Thank You Note Day #ThankYouNoteDay