Re-Order a Retired Label Design

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Have you ever donated your a well-worn but well-loved pair of jeans and then regretted it later? The problem is, it's impossible to get them back. Not so with my retired designs. While I may have retired your favorite design to make room for more recent designs, I've still got your design somewhere on file.

Order a 2" circle, 2" square or 1x3" version of your favorite retired design here. It will be printed on self-adhesive, #60 glossy paper.

  • Please reference your name at the time of purchase as well as a general date of order, if you can.
  • If you need any text changed, let me know in the personalization area
  • I'll do some research and email you your proof to make sure we're on the same track

*Note: If you ordered before November 2013, my label stock was on sheets and matte; many were 1.5". These will be printed on the newer, glossy paper in the size referenced in paragraph 2.