I've loved paper forever. When I was a little girl, I'd use the pages of my storybooks to write letters to imaginary friends. I collected hundreds of stickers--how I wish I could find those pages of fantastic scratch and sniffs, glittery unicorns and shooting stars. As I grew older, I loved the gifts of stationery from my mom, and I spent just as much time enjoying the look and feel of the paper as I did writing letters to friends and pen pals.

I didn't instantly become a stationery designer, though. I have other loves, and I always will. There's also teaching. My love of the printed word and beautiful visuals translates well into my chosen career: teaching high school English and media--yearbook, newspaper and broadcast. I love the kids, and I love watching them get excited about being a part of a team and creating beautiful things.

Early on, I realized that I still needed an outlet for my own creativity, and Bohtieque Design was born. At first, I focused on identity design, but transitioned into stationery design in May 2008, when I opened a stationery store at Etsy. As I was developing my store, my sister mentioned how she could never find circular address labels on Etsy. I made up four of them, and a few days later, I had my first sale.

My labels have been my focus ever since. Each of them is a little piece of artwork, and I love playing with textures, layers, antique artwork and fonts.

Now, take some time to scan through my shop. If you have questions, suggestions or want to chat, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!




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